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Pot-Lucky Dinner
A Monthly Event!

3rd Saturday

We open our appetites and invite conversation at this monthly get-together with the larger community of Starland Community supporters and friends.

Our gate opens 5:00 PM; Dinner is served 6:00 PM.

Membership not required. We'll sign up the "Starland Wanna-bee," or renew current memberships, after the meal.

Our elders and residents provide the Main Course. New Members and guests bring a side dish or salad. Returning Members bring a dessert. Starland Community provides bottled and filtered water.

Join in the after-dinner activity, which may be serendipitous or planned. We end our evening together at 9:00 PM.

Please RSVP to our email reservation address..

Plan to stay the night, too! Our cabins, tent sites, and RV spaces are available, at the listed rates.

Non-Members are welcome to the Pot-Luckys! Please pre-pay $10 per person, for Membership. Pay via Paypal, and include your full name, street address, city, state, and zip code, and a phone number we can use to reach you. Send this to our email address: StarlandInfoGuru-at-gmail-dot-com.

Members, please RSVP with your name and member number.

We're looking forward to seeing our "wanna-bees" and our regular Members, too!



Just about Every Weekend - Saturday & Sunday
RESERVATIONS - click here

INFORMATION for this event ONLY
Please email Leo  at  earthwrought  dot  com

Come, help us out.
For helping us out we'll have a nice grill Saturday evening for all.
No-pressure, no commitment volunteering, any time and help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
*We're hoping to have water features for our volunteers very soon; a spa and a pool ... maybe help us install those amenities?? A few extra helping hands goes a long ways!
AND there's always plenty of time for relaxing and recreation; take a hike, sit still, socialize or be alone, or just take in the beautiful surrounding countryside. 

    As you may know Starland is being renovated here and there to make it even more comfortable for visitors and guests.
There are many tasks to perform:
- cleaning, house and yard work.
- moving stuff around for organizing.
- moving stuff for a dump-run (taking stuff to the dump).
- demolition for renovation on buidings.
- landscape prep so we can erect a 26' above ground pool.
- landscape grading for run-off control.
- moving an old spa so we can take it to the dump.
- help with moving old trailers off this land to another already designated place in Joshua Tree.
- painting.
- many light weight work tasks as well as heavy weight work tasks, your choice.

These are items we need which we are trying to acquire on our own, but if donated would be AWESOME!
- Spa/HotTub new or used, even if not in great condition we can fix it! If you know where one may available, please let us know.

We have some over-night accommodations at discounted rates for helping us out or you can bring your own, RV, tent, etc. Dress warmly when its cold, and you don't need to "dress to impress"... you could get dirty, and just in case we have hot showers!

In the evenings we can enjoy each others company, eat and drink spirits if you like. There's also board/parlor games if you're into it. It's a nice and easy way to socialize.
We can't provide the all the meals except for something on the grill for Saturday night. So bring food, pot-luck if you want to, there are also markets and restaurants nearby.

*** Schedule may be subject to change; please feel free to contact us to confirm dates and times, or for special requests.
Thank you

All events at Starland Community require membership! Sign ups will be offered at all events!






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